Core360 belt powered by ohmtrak (sensor only)


Adding the ohmtrak sensor with app to your existing core360 belt product takes training your clients to the next level!  By utilizing a highly sensitive pressure sensor, the expansion that occurs with proper breathing and creating the good intra-abdominal pressure necessary for efficient and effective core stabilization and movement, can now be seen by you and your clients.  When we combine the tactile input and feedback from the original core360 belt plus the visual feedback on the app, we see rapid improvement in our clients, allowing them to progress more quickly.

Details: includes ohmtrak sensor + foam half ball, pocket to hold sensor and half ball, and ohmtrak app (iOS and Android)

Can be added to any existing core360 belt product

Available for iOS and Android

Requires Bluetooth version 4.2 or greater



Additional information

Weight 6 oz


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