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The core360 belt training and rehab products were created, designed and developed by a physical therapist.  While the core360 belt original is used to help you train both 360° diaphragmatic breathing and 360° core activation, the breathe+ was designed to help you create the 360° lower rib expansion that is a necessary part of good breathing.   Pairing both of these belts together helps you learn not just how to create the 360° expansion around your abdomen and rib cage, but helps you learn how to coordinate both of these movements together.   

PLEASE NOTE: The core360 belt original is the all purpose training belt for 360° degree breathing and 360° degree core stabilization.  The original is the belt most people should begin with. To really maximize your breathing capacity, check out the core360 belt original and breathe+ package!




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Breathe+ comes in 2 sizes: S/M (~34″ long) and L/XL (~40″ long). The breathe+ goes around your lower ribcage just below the chest. It differs from the original core360 belt in that rather than having 4 larger pressure points, it has 8-9 1.5″ half balls that slide along a channel on the inside of the belt. This allows the points to be adjusted around the ribcage so you get the best feedback for you.

The breathe+ is used on it’s own to help you learn how to get expansion of your ribcage as you inhale which is important to get full diaphragm breathing. Ribcage stiffness and poor breathing patterns often result in lack of this all important rib expansion. Good breathing is important for our general wellbeing, but it also impacts how well we move, our posture and our ability to protect our joints and tissues to prevent pain, strain and injury.

The breathe+ becomes even more powerful when you pair it with the original core360 belt to help you learn how to get that 360° expansion of your abdomen and ribs at the same time! This is the real key!

S/M – Fits up to 32″ lower ribcage circumference
L/XL – Fits up to 40″ lower ribcage circumference

See the core360 belt original and breathe+ together in action here:

Breathing training using 2 core360 belts

core360 belt: abdomen and ribs

Core360 original and breathe+ together – advanced


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3.5 × 3.5 in

S/M, L/XL, Each belt comes with 4 moveable and removable pockets containing the protrusions or pressure points which provide the stimulation. Belts are hand sewn– due to this and elastic properties of the material, actual size of belt may vary up to ~.5 inches from tagged size.


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