Sizing Guide

Proper core360 belt size will NOT necessarily correspond with your normal fashion belt size. To measure your waist, a tape measure should be snugly placed horizontally around your waist. This generally corresponds to the narrowest part of your stomach. On the sides, it is the area just above your hip bone (iliac crest/pelvis). As you pull the measuring tape around the front bring it down slightly toward your belly button. (see illustration). Depending on your anatomy, you may or may not end up over your belly button. Take the measurement at the end of a normal relaxed breath. Size Small waist size 25” - 30” Size Medium waist size 29.5” – 33.5” Size Large waist size 33” – 37” Size X-Large waist size 37” – 44” If you are on the higher or lower end of the measurements listed for a certain size please consider the following:
    • When retraining breathing and/or wearing the belt for longer periods of time, such as hiking, gardening, cleaning, running, tennis or loading/carrying boxes, you will need the belt to not be too tight. Therefore, if your waist measurement = 30”, you may want to consider the medium belt and not the small belt.
    • If you are going to use the belt more for weight training and short spurts of movement or exercise and your waist measures at the lower end for the size you are considering, you may want to go choose the smaller size. For instance, if your waist measures 29.5”, you way want to go with the small belt, not the medium belt.
    • If you are highly sensitive to pressure around your stomach and/or you have a history of reflux or other stomach issues, you may want to consider sizing up to make certain you can wear the belt with less tension. For instance, if you measure your waist at 30”, you may want to go with the medium belt and NOT the small belt.
  • If you have a stomach shaped like the fellow in this picture, you will need to measure your waist by dropping the measuring tape a little lower as you come around the front, just under your belly.  This is for bellies that protrude forward more and are very firm to the touch.   Bigger, “softer” bellies can be measured normally.


Core360 belt (Original) powered by ohmtrak (sensor + 1 original core360 belt)



We have partnered with the creators of the ohmtrak sensor to combine the forces of our products and offer you a FEEDBACK BOMB to help you optimally train your breathing and core for BETTER POSTURE, BETTER MOVEMENT AND BETTER PERFORMANCE!

With the pressure points of the core360 belt products providing tactile, or touch feedback AND the additional visual feedback displayed on your iPhone, iPad or Android you get the best of all feedback worlds.

Details: includes ohmtrak sensor + foam half ball, pocket to hold sensor and half ball, and ohmtrak app (iOS and Android)

Can be added to any existing core360 belt product

Available for iOS and Android

Requires Bluetooth version 4.2 or greater

The core360 belt was created, designed and developed by a physical therapist. It is the first-of-its-kind, light weight, active training aid designed to help you activate your core muscles better (that means more IAP/intra-abdominal pressure!) and to use your diaphragm better for proper breathing. Good IAP and true diaphragmatic breathing are key elements for proper core strength and movement, as well as overall well-being!


Size Guide
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The core360 belt is the patent pending, first-of-its-kind training belt that helps you move, breathe and perform better. By providing input and feedback, it helps you to create the intra-abdominal pressure you need for strong, supported movement. It is also effective for training proper breathing by using the diaphragm.

The core360 belt can be used during sports or during normal daily activities: from weight lifting to yoga, from running to walking, from loading a truck full of boxes to raking leaves or vacuuming your house, from improving your breathing during a sport to focusing on breathing during meditation, from training your diaphragm for acting or singing to improving your breathing to ease anxiety. It can benefit all ages and activity levels.

The ohmtrak sensor is made in the Czech Republic and is a highly sensitive pressure sensor.  We have designed a pocket to hold both the sensor and the pressure point that can be added to any core360 belt and can be placed anywhere along the belt to target the desired area of focus.

The core360 belt is made with custom elastic made in Los Angeles to our specifications for optimal results. The core360 belt is manufactured in Mexico and assembled in Los Angeles, CA.

Each belt is made of elastic and is black in color, with the core360 logo on the front. The belt fastens via hook and loop (velcro) and is adjustable. The pockets that hold the protrusions or pressure points are black or gray on the side that faces your body and black with a purple stripe on the portion that faces outward.   The logo and purple stripe provide additional cuing (visual) in order to help you improve your core activation and/or your breathing pattern.

  • Belt (excluding trim): 70% polyester, 30% rubber latex
  • Pockets (elastic band): 80% polyester, 20% spandex
  • Pockets (body of): 10% polyester zirotek, 30% nylon, 18% chloroprene rubber, 42% styrene butadiene rubber

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions N/A

small, medium, large, X-large, Each belt comes with 4 moveable and removable pockets containing the protrusions or pressure points which provide the stimulation. Belts are hand sewn– due to this and elastic properties of the material, actual size of belt may vary up to ~.5 inches from tagged size.


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