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The IAP+ is one of two products in our + series of movement training and performance tools. As the experts in training proper breathing and postural function of the diaphragm, it is our goal to provide a complete lineup of tools designed to make it easier for you to improve the quality of your breathing and core muscle activation.  Proper use of your diaphragm is the key to being able to create IAP (intra-abdominal pressure). IAP is what allows you to stabilize your core, protect your spine and move well. One area that is hard for people to connect with and can be difficult for them to create good IAP and core muscle activation, is the low abdomen.  We created the IAP+ to provide an additional BOOST to the original core360 belt to help you feel how to breathe better and create good IAP in your entire trunk, or core.  Whether you are working on your breathing and core function as part of a rehabilitation program or to improve your training and performance, the IAP+ can add that additional level of feedback to help you achieve your goals faster and at a higher level.

IAP+ is compatible with our ohmtrak sensor

A video demonstration of the IAP+ belt can be seen here:

Movement professionals: to really maximize progress and outcomes, our ohmtrak sensor can be added to the IAP+ just like the original core360 belt.   Combining tactile, visual and audio feedback allows you to help your clients learn to create proper breathing and IAP faster in your facility and allows you to progress them to higher level challenges more quickly.  They will be happy with the results, plus how fun is that for you?

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Because of the pelvic bones, we designed the IAP+ with larger pressure points than our original, all-purpose core360 belt. In addition, we added an over-strap to increase the amount of pressure placed on your low abdomen. This helps you improve lower intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) and create the appropriate tension in the lower portion of your “core”, or abdominal muscles.

The IAP+, when added to the core360 belt original, helps to train and optimize breathing, IAP and overall core activation. When you are able to coordinate your core muscles properly, we see an expansion, all the way around the trunk as well as an expansion in the low abdominal area. Being able to feel expansion and pressure in all 6 points with both belts on, helps you quickly understand how to create optimal breathing and core activation.  Once you have this ability, you can continue using only the core360 original belt in your rehab, training or as a performance tool.

IAP+ on it’s own: there are also instances where the IAP+ can be utilized on it’s own.   For example, we have found it extremely beneficial with cycling, “dead bug” exercises and squatting, to name a few.   However, a pre-requisite to using the IAP+ on its own is being able to get good 360 degree expansion (IAP) around your waist(think original core360 belt!)  This 360 degree expansion that occurs with both breathing and core stabilization, is what the original core360 belt helps to train.  Being able to expand into the part of your abdomen that is near your back (see “what does IAP look like” video ( – and pictures below in “details” section) is necessary before using the IAP+ on it’s own.


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S/M, L/XL, Each belt comes with 4 moveable and removable pockets containing the protrusions or pressure points which provide the stimulation. Belts are hand sewn– due to this and elastic properties of the material, actual size of belt may vary up to ~.5 inches from tagged size.


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