360° breathing and core activation – 30 min training session


Get more from your core360 belt training with our 30 min consultation 

Spend 30 minutes one-on-one, with the creator of the core360 belt, Erin McGuire PT, OCS.

Our goal is to create products and content that empower you to go further, faster in reaching your movement goals.

The more you know and understand about 360 breathing and 360 core stabilization, the more you are able to maximize the benefits of using your core360 belt and further the gains you make with your wellness program, posture, fitness routine and/or performance. During this virtual consultation, you will receive personalized guidance and recommendations based on your specific questions and our observation of how well you are breathing and activating your core muscles when using your core360 belt.  Following your session, Erin will create a pdf detailing findings and recommendations from the session.

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What to expect during your basic consultation:

This virtual consultation gives you the opportunity to ask questions about proper breathing, proper core activation and how to integrate training these key functions into your current activities or wellness program.  Any other specific movement or breathing and core related questions can be addressed as well. You will receive general information and recommendations during the session, based on your questions and our discussion.

Following your purchase, you will receive an email with a brief questionnaire so Erin can have a better understanding of your goals prior to your session.  The email will also include detailed information about setting up your appointment,  what to wear, how to set up your room, etc in order to get the most out of your time with Erin.  It is recommended you use your core360 belt for at least a week or two prior to your consult. There will be a health screening and consent form to complete prior to our session. 

Virtual session logistics:  Sessions will be held via Zoom.

Want to see Erin in person? Are you in the Los Angeles area? In-person sessions are available on a limited basis, please contact us for details at info@core360belt.com

About Erin McGuire PT, OCS:  Erin has been a physical therapist for more than 25 years.  She currently practices at her clinic, Back in Balance Physical Therapy, in Los Angeles, CA.  Erin is a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and a Prague School of Rehabilitation DNS international instructor/practitioner.  She enjoys teaching her unique approach to movement and rehabilitation to healthcare practitioners and movement professionals in the US and internationally.

Having competed at the NCAA level of softball in college, as well as having a lifetime interest in sports, focusing her practice on treating the orthopedic and sport rehabilitation population was a natural fit. While she utilizes an eclectic approach in her practice, it is largely influenced by the DNS philosophy and the concepts of the Prague School of Manual Medicine.  Her passion for movement and practice of DNS has increased her interest and focus on the diaphragm and it’s functions, relating to both respiration and intra-abdominal pressure, and the key role they play in creating optimal stabilization and movement.  In 2014, after years of seeing the difficulty her clients had retraining their breathing and core activation (key functions of the diaphragm) and how widespread impaired diaphragm function is within all activity levels of the population, she created the core360 belt. The core360 belt is a training tool designed to help users facilitate proper activation of the diaphragm by helping them better train 360 breathing and 360 core activation.  Her experience using the core360 belt with her clients and during her own exercise and movement practice, led to an even larger understanding of the vital role the diaphragm plays in movement, performance and overall well-being.   With the belt, she was seeing her clients achieve higher levels of diaphragm activity at a faster pace.  Not only were they progressing further, but it became evident how improving diaphragm activity had an immediate and instantaneous impact on the quality of movement and stabilization patterns throughout the body. Training of this key muscle became front-and-center in her treatment strategy with every client. Through teaching and the core360 belt, her passion and goal is to help both individual users improve their breathing and core activation and to assist other practitioners in furthering their understanding of the diaphragm’s role in movement and why assessing and training good diaphragm function is a necessity with all clients.

**Please note:**  These consultations are provided as a wellness and coaching service.  They are not physical therapy and are not meant to provide you with a diagnosis for any musculoskeletal pain or injury, or any other medical issue.   If you are experiencing acute pain, or any other medical issue, please seek help from a qualified health care professional in your area to receive appropriate diagnosis, testing and treatment.  More details can be found in the consent/waiver form.  If you have any questions, please email us at info@core360belt.com.




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