Professional Bundle #3 – TECH IT UP! (SAVE $139.90): Complete core360 belt package + ohmtrak


CORE360 BELT: ORIGINAL, IAP+ AND BREATHE+ plus ohmtrak sensor

This package has all of the belts you will need plus it adds the visual feedback of the ohmtrak sensor to pack our most powerful punch! Geared toward movement and healthcare professionals it stocks your clinic with each of our core360 belts so you can address every key level of breathing and core activation with your clients and patients, plus the ohmtrak sensor which can be used with any of our core360 belt products.

Bundle includes 4 total core360 belt originals; one of each size, 2 IAP+ belts; one of each size and 2 BREATHE+ belts; one of each size and one ohmtrak sensor.

ohmtrak app available for iOS and Android. Requires bluetooth 4.2 or greater.

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Additional information

Weight 65 oz
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 7 in

S/29, M/32, L/35, XL/40, Each belt comes with 4 moveable and removable pockets containing the protrusions or pressure points which provide the stimulation. Belts are hand sewn– due to this and elastic properties of the material, actual size of belt may vary up to ~.5 inches from tagged size.


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