Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Obsessed with IAP, breathing & movement like we are? Want to help your clients move & feel better AND boost your bottom line?Join the core360 belt wholesale program!

This program is designed for healthcare practitioners (PTs, DCs, ATCs and MDs) and movement/fitness studios and professionals (Trainers, gyms, coaches, crossFit boxes, Pilates, Yoga, Golf, etc). We have in common the desire to help our clients improve the way they move so they can recover, prevent injury and/or optimize their performance whether in daily life or competitive sports.  We understand it is not just getting moving that matters, but rather, moving right and moving well!

Terms and Conditions Snapshot

Wholesale applicant must fill out and submit all information on the wholesale registration page, found here: https://core360belt.com/wholesale-registration-page/

By filling out registration form and submitting for approval, Wholesale Applicant agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions set forth in this document. 


    • You agree to sell core360 belt® products at or above our minimum MSRP (see below in terms and conditions for exceptions)
    • You may not sell core360 belt® products online unless approved by Back in Balance Physical Therapy.
    • You MAY only sell core360 belt® products on your clinic, practice, or facility website WITH approval from Back in Balance Physical Therapy (see below in Terms and Conditions for specific details). If you wish to sell the core360 belt® products on your website, please include that website URL on the registration form for review. You will receive approval or denial via email once your application has been received.
    • You may not sell core360 belt® products on Amazon.com, Ebay.com, or any commerce website.
    • You may not sell core360 belt® products to any other retailer, distributor, or wholesaler or for resale in any capacity.
    • You agree to ask permission to use any assets from the core360 belt® website.
    • You must provide a valid seller’s permit number and copy of your resale license/sellers permit to avoid California sales tax. (California businesses only)




Below are the Terms and conditions for core360 belt® that shall apply to “Resellers” who purchase core360 belt® products from Back in Balance Physical Therapy at wholesale solely for the purposes of resale to the public. All sales to “resellers” are to be approved by core360 belt® through the use of the wholesale application. Verification may include photographs of Reseller’s store, website identification, business license or any other applicable license or documentation. Reseller agrees that it is forbidden to sell core360 belt® products on wholesale basis to other distributors or retailers. Core360 belt® reserves the right to terminate the account of any Reseller.


  • “core360 belt” shall mean all core360 belt products sold by Back in Balance Physical Therapy
  • “Reseller” shall mean any individual, group, clinic, facility, company or corporation selling core360 beltproducts
  • “Product/s” shall mean any core360 belt product eligible for wholesale pricing

All orders made by Resellers are subject to core360 belt®’s approval. Unless written consent is given by core360 belt® Reseller must make payment for all orders in US dollars prior to shipment. Once Reseller has established a history of timely payment, orders may be accepted on credit upon request.  Reseller is solely responsible for sales and all taxes associated with the reselling of core360 belt® products.

Unless situation dictates otherwise, all orders will be placed through core360 belt®’s “Wholesale login page” at https://core360belt.com/wholesale-log-in-page/ This page can be accessed once your application has been approved.  Your username is your email address and your password was set by you at registration.

Minimum Order Requirements

Pricing will be based on number of units purchased.  See wholesale pricing sheet at end of this document.

In order to help small practices/facilities maintain a good variety of core360 belt products and sizes in stock without having to purchase large numbers of units, minimum order requirements will be lowered to 6 units and Reseller will receive the 10-19 unit pricing when the Reseller has a trailing 12 month period of purchasing at least 36 units.  If you believe you qualify for this pricing and would like to purchase less than 10 units, please contact us at Ellen@core360belt.com.  Once it is confirmed you qualify, we will change your wholesale status so you receive the correct pricing.  Pricing will remain for a 6-month period where eligibility will be reassessed and modified as appropriate. If you have maintained the trailing 12-month, 36-unit, requirement, your wholesale status will remain for an additional 6 months.  If requirement has not been met, wholesale status will return to the normal wholesale minimum order requirements.


Products or goods purchased from core360 belt® shall only be sold at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) (see current MSRP on wholesale pricing sheet).  If Reseller is approved to sell core360 belt products on their website, Reseller must sell at the MSRP.  Reseller shall NOT discount the list price (MSRP) on their website at any time. In the event that Back in Balance Physical Therapy holds a sale, Reseller can choose to run the same sale on their website for the same discount amount and same duration of the sales event.

Reseller may choose to place the products or goods for sale at a discount given directly to their clients in person, in their facility, clinic, at a course Reseller is teaching or Reseller’s brick and mortar place of business.  In the event the Reseller chooses to offer this discount, Reseller shall not discount the products more than 10% below MSRP.

Permission for special sale events beyond the 10% discount by the Reseller will be considered and must be requested in writing to core360 belt® at ellen@core360belt.com .

Reseller may choose to charge more than MSRP to cover shipping costs, stocking cost and taxes.  At no time will amount exceed 125% of current MSRP.  For international Resellers, adjustments great than 125% can be made with approval.  Contact ellen@core360belt.com with requests.

Core360 belt® reserves the right to stop selling Products to you if you resell the Products to your customers at a price per Product below or above core360 belt®’s MSRP as listed on core360 belt®’s website, and/or at a price greater than 10% off MSRP or greater than 125% of MSRP. You acknowledge and agree that the foregoing restrictions on Product prices are reasonable and in your and core360 belt®’s interest for the promotion of the Products and maintenance of the image and quality of the Products.

Pricing Policy

The current MSRP and the most recent wholesale pricing list is located at the end of this agreement. Prices for core360 belt® products are quoted at the time of the order and are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Each Order will be invoiced at the Product prices prevailing at the time that Order is fully recorded into core360 belt®’s central ordering system.

Products are not guaranteed to be in stock. We keep inventory of available stock and do our best to keep up with all orders. All core360 belts can be purchased on back order when out of stock.  Priority will be given in order of earliest date of purchase once stock arrives. Pricing does not include shipping, handling, and taxes, which you shall be responsible for paying. Resellers may be required to order certain quantitative amount of product to maintain a Reseller status with core360 belt®.

We strive to keep our MSRP at a reasonable and stable price.  Due to COVID we are seeing a significant increase in the cost of raw materials which may necessitate a price increase in the future. Other factors may also arise that require a price adjustment. Back in Balance Physical Therapy may increase or decrease the MSRP at any time.


Orders are usually shipped within 24-72 business hours of receipt of payment and typically arrive in 5-7 business days from shipping date for domestic orders. We continue to see shipment delays that began with COVID, however things have been improving. If we notice a delay in delivery, core360 belt® will send notification to Reseller via email on record. Specialty items will acquire additional time for shipment which will be listed on the product page. International orders, in general, take up to 2-3 weeks.  International orders may take longer than 3 weeks, and up to 6 weeks or more, to arrive due to complications during customs inspections or other uncontrollable delays due to laws and processes in destination country. Items are shipped via USPS, UPS or FedEx at Reseller’s expense. Expediting shipping is available. Reseller agrees that core360 belt® will not be responsible any delivery loss, theft or damage.  Reseller can request insurance be included in shipment at resellers expense.  International orders do not include any potential VAT, duties or customs fees that Reseller may be charged by their customs agency office upon delivery to the destination country.

Inspection and Acceptance

All sales are final. New and unused Products may be returned for exact exchange within 1 month of purchase. Reseller will be responsible for shipping cost for any exchanges. Reseller must contact core360 belt® prior to sending any Products for exchange to get approval. Reseller must notify core360 belt® if there are nonconformity or defect or any other claim within 7 days after delivery of the Products, otherwise Reseller will waive any rights regarding reimbursement.

Core360 belt® is not responsible for Products lost or damaged during delivery. If the shipping carrier delivers a damaged package, Reseller is required to refuse the shipment and to not open the package in which the Product arrived. Core360 belt® cannot accept damaged packages or Products contained therein once Reseller has opened the packaging.

It is the Reseller’s responsibility to obtain shipping insurance. No claims will be honored without proper notification.

Exchanges shall not be accepted for any Products which have been worn, used, altered, or damaged by transit or mishandling by Reseller.

Reseller responsibility for returns/exchanges

Reseller is responsible for having a return and exchange policy in place and for handling any returns or exchanges from its customers for any and all reasons other than product defect.  Should a manufacturing defect arise after normal handling and use, Reseller will direct its customer to contact core360 belt® at ellen@core360belt.com for further instructions.

Online Sales

Resellers may not offer core360 belt® products online unless written consent is given by core360 belt®. Consideration will only be given to website/s owned by Reseller representing their clinic, practice, gym, facility, etc. Reseller agrees that it will NOT engage in, directly or indirectly, any sales of core360 belt® products on eBay, Amazon or other auction, online marketplace or similar group buying and/or discount websites.

Reseller provides core360 belt with website URL at time of registration if Reseller intends to sell core360 belt Products online. Reseller will receive an email with approval or denial and instructions on any further action required.  Core360 belt reserves the right to deny online sales for any reason.  If Reseller would like to request approval for online sales after initial registration, please email request with URL to ellen@core360belt.com .

If Reseller advertises and sells Products on its own website, it will present the Products in a clean, attractive, and appealing manner.

In addition to any other remedies core360 belt® may have, core360 belt® reserves the right to terminate the Reseller’s account and Reseller authorizes core360 belt® to retroactive charge Reseller the difference between the wholesale price paid and the retail price, plus applicable taxes, of all items purchased if it is determined that Reseller is engaging in unauthorized online sales of core360 belt® products.

Use of core360 belt® Name

Reseller may use the core360 belt® name in materials such as merchandising and display, advertising, and sales materials solely in connection with the promotion, marketing, and sale of the Products.

Intellectual Property

Reseller acknowledges that the name “core360 belt®,” all text and graphics on core360 belts®’s website, and all photographs of core360 belt® products and or models wearing core360 belt® products are the exclusive intellectual property of core360 belt®. Use of core360 belt® Intellectual Property is permitted only in relation to the sale of core360 belt® products. Core360 belt® intellectual property shall not be used to promote other brands or other products unless approved by core360 belt®. If requested by core360 belt®, Reseller agrees to provide all uses of the core360 belt® intellectual property for the use of selling of core360 belt® products.

Reseller and any affiliates agree that it/they will not file or acquire a trademark application to register any core360 belt® names, logos or proprietary marks (referred to herein generally as “trademarks”) or any trademarks confusingly similar thereto or acquire a registration for core360 belt® trademarks or any trademarks confusingly similar thereto for any items or services.

Domain Names

Reseller will not purchase, use or incorporate core360 belt® name or any of its trademarks, common misspelling of core360 belt® name, or any confusingly similar name in any domain name including any country code top-level domains (ccTLD) or international domains. The use of the core360 belt® name as a sub domain name is strictly prohibited.

Law, Licenses and Permits

Reseller is and will remain in compliance with any and all laws and regulations governing the sale of Products, and has all licenses and permits necessary to sell Products.

Disclaimer of Representations and Warranties


Governing Law; Jurisdiction 

This Agreement and the relationship between core360 belt® and Reseller shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, without regard to its conflict of laws principles. Reseller acknowledges that this Agreement is entered into in the State of California and consents to the personal jurisdiction of the federal and state courts in the State of California and agrees that said courts shall be the exclusive venue for a resolution of any and all disputes arising under, relating to, or in any way connected to these terms or the parties’ relationship.


You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless core360 belt®, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors and suppliers (collectively the “Service Providers”) from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any violation of these terms and conditions or any activity related to your account (including negligent or wrongful conduct) by you or any other person accessing the site using your wholesale account.

Limitation of Liability


Termination of Terms

These terms and conditions are applicable to you after agreement and completion of the wholesale application for core360 belt®. Any part of these terms and conditions may be terminated or modified by core360 belt® without prior notice and for any reason. The provisions relating to Copyrights, Trademark, Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability, Indemnification and Miscellaneous, shall survive any termination.

Reseller Relations

Reseller agrees that it shall not represent itself as having a relationship with core360 belt® other than the wholesaler supplier relationship that is defined in these terms & conditions. Furthermore, the Reseller agrees not to intentionally or unintentionally misrepresent core360 belt®, its brand, or its products.


Each of the parties hereto agrees to keep confidential all information including, without limitation, the terms of this Agreement, terms of the MAP (minimum advertised price) policy, business and financial information, product designs, customer and vendor lists; pricing and sales information concerning Supplier or Buyer.

Participation Disclaimer

Core360 belt® cannot review all communications and materials used in relation to wholesale accounts, their websites, physical locations in which products are sold, or created by users accessing the core360 belt® site. Core360 belt® is not liable or responsible for any such material or other content in relation to user-generated content on the site. Core360 belt® reserves the right to delete or block any and all material or communications that are deemed unacceptable by core360 belt®.

Notices and Inquiries

All questions regarding wholesale applications and the terms & conditions listed herein will be answered through email at Ellen@core360belt.com.



Current MSRP and wholesale pricing (as of July 2021) 

Product           (belts only) MSRP Units < 5 Units 5-9 Units 10-19 Units >20
Original $54.95 $43.96 $38.47 $33.52 $31.32
IAP+ $54.95 $43.96 $38.47 $33.52 $31.32
Breathe+ $49.95 $39.96 $34.97 $30.47 $28.47

*California professionals/businesses: if a resale permit was not submitted with your application, California sales tax will be applied to your order.  Contact us with photo of resale permit to update your account*