Activate your strength.


What is the core360 Belt?
The core360 is the patent pending first-of-its-kind training belt that helps you move, breathe and perform better. Designed by a physical therapist, the core360 belt gives you the feedback necessary to activate your core correctly and consistently.

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By applying pressure at certain points around the waist, the core360 increases your awareness of how good core engagement and proper breathing feel. The instant and consistent feedback that comes from wearing the belt helps retrain your mind and body to use your diaphragm and surrounding muscles more effectively. The result? A stronger core, better breathing and much, much more. READ ON


Core360 Belt Powered By ohmtrak

Adding the ohmtrak sensor with app to your existing core360 belt product takes training your clients to the next level!  By utilizing a highly sensitive pressure sensor, the expansion that occurs with proper breathing and creating the good intra-abdominal pressure necessary for efficient and effective core stabilization and movement, can now be seen by you and your clients.  When we combine the tactile input and feedback from the original core360 belt plus the visual feedback on the app, we see rapid improvement in our clients, allowing them to progress more quickly.

Details: includes ohmtrak sensor + foam half ball, pocket to hold sensor and half ball, and ohmtrak app (found in App store).

Can be added to any existing core360 belt product – $199.95

Requires iPhone or iPad with Bluetooth version 4.2 or greater

core360 belt powered by ohmtrak (sensor only)

core360 belt powered by ohmtrak sensor (sensor + 1 original core360 belt)


Why you need the core360 belt:

Your core IS your body’s foundation! When it is engaged correctly, your back is supported and a solid base is created giving you the stability needed for optimal movement to occur. The key to building this strong foundation is doing it right. But many of us are NOT doing it right and most of us, at the very least, can be using our core better. Without proper core engagement, this foundation will be weak making it difficult to build quality, effective movement on top of it. When movement suffers, it can lead to weakness, poor athletic performance, tight muscles, chronic aches, pains and injuries.

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Proper core strength doesn’t just involve your abdominal muscles, it requires good activation of your diaphragm muscle in coordination with all your other core muscles. It is this good timing and coordination that makes the difference and that most of us are not getting right. In fact, your diaphragm muscle has a big job to do. It is the primary muscle you should be using for breathing AND it is part of the core muscles we use to stabilize our trunks effectively. This means to move properly and maximize your strength, you must be able to use your diaphragm for both breathing and strength function. The core360 belt can help you retrain both of these functions.


Improving the quality of your core stabilization and breathing has been shown to:

  • Improve athletic performance
  • Improve support of back and neck
  • Improve posture and movement
  • Reduce pain and strain
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase circulation and aerobic capacity
  • Improve digestion


Some examples of where to use:

  • Trunk stabilization or “core” training (all)
  • Exercise and strength training (Crossfit, pilates, yoga, exercise classes, mat exercises, martial arts, free weights and machines)
  • Breathing retraining (low level at rest to higher level during aerobic and postural challenges)
  • Sports – Tennis, Golf, Soccer, etc: pre-game or event activation, sports specific training
  • Aerobic activities (walking, running, hiking)
  • Household chores (cooking, gardening, cleaning)
  • Lifting and bending (children, boxes, furniture, etc)
  • Meditating
Who’s it for?
Core360 is designed for everybody who wants to improve their core strength, breathing and general well-being.

  • Active individuals who want to stay healthy and strong while preventing injuries.
  • People who value doing their exercise and movement right, not just doing it.
  • Health enthusiasts who want to get the most of their exercise, workouts and training.

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