OhmTrak Sensor Upgrade Kit

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Elevate your Core360 belt experience with the OhmTrak sensor. This tool empowers you to take your training up a notch, helping you and your clients to visualize proper breathing and efficient core stabilization.

What's in the package?

  • OhmTrak Sensor: Using a sensitive pressure sensor, OhmTrak tracks the expansion that occurs during proper breathing. It offers an accurate representation of the good intra-abdominal pressure necessary for efficient core movement.

  • Foam Half Ball & Pocket: Along with the sensor, the package includes a foam half ball and a pocket to hold the sensor, allowing for a convenient and versatile training setup.

  • OhmTrak App: Enhance your training routine with the OhmTrak app, providing real-time visual feedback of your core activation.

Key features of the OhmTrak sensor:

  • Double Feedback Mechanism: When combined with the tactile input of the original Core360 belt, the visual feedback from the app results in rapid improvements and faster progress for your clients.

  • Compatibility: The OhmTrak sensor can be added to any existing Core360 belt product.

  • Broad Accessibility: The OhmTrak app is available for iOS and Android, and requires Bluetooth version 4.2 or greater.

With the OhmTrak sensor, you can boost the effectiveness of your core and breath training. It's about creating a lifestyle of enhanced control, health, and performance.

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The Core360 Belt has revolutionized my practice – it's incredibly effective in teaching patients proper core activation & breathing techniques. A game-changer!

Dr. Jane S., PT

As a chiropractor, I highly recommend the Core360 Belt. It's been a fantastic tool for helping patients improve posture, alleviate pain, & prevent future injuries.

Dr. Mike T., DC

Core360 Belt is a breakthrough for sports medicine professionals. It's helped countless athletes in my practice enhance performance & minimize injury risk. A must-have!

Lisa W., AT