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Discover our innovative Core360 Belt product line, designed by a physical therapist to revolutionize movement and performance training by teaching proper breathing and core activation.

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The Core360 Belt System

We recommend starting with the Core360 Belt Original as your first training tool - or pair it with a plus '+' belt, unless directed by a professional.

Professional Bundles + Kits

Perfect for in-clinic applications, these sets cater to a diverse range of physiques and skill levels, ensuring precision and effectiveness.

Live Events with Erin McGuire, PT, OCS

Step up your professional game with our Live Events collection, hosted by Erin McGuire. Dive into the enriching world of DNS Exercise/Sport concepts, a blend of developmental kinesiology, neurophysiology, and biomechanics, aimed at enhancing your practice.

Training + Consultations from Erin McGuire, PT, OCS

Unlock your full potential with private training sessions and consultations from Erin, the creator of the Core360 Belt. Benefit from her expert guidance on core activation, proper breathing techniques, and personalized plans tailored to your specific goals. Book now and experience a transformation in your fitness and well-being or practice.

Get a clinic visit from Erin McGuire, PT.

Elevate your teams understanding about the impact breathing and core training have on functional movement and performance with a custom program led by Erin McGuire PT, the visionary behind the Core360 Belt.

With her wealth of experience as a physical therapist and deep knowledge of core mechanics, Erin offers personalized on-site training sessions tailored to the unique needs of your clinic.

Harness the power of the Core360 Belt and unlock the full potential of core strength and stability for your patients. Contact us to schedule your custom training program today