Train your breath + core.

Discover the complete Core360 Belt training system.

By optimizing diaphragmatic breathing and core stabilization, you'll unlock enhanced athletic performance and functional movement. Core training enables improved posture, reduced pain, and increased efficiency in daily activities.

The coordination of all core muscles, especially the diaphragm, is crucial for creating and regulating intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), a pre-requisite for healthy movement.

A training solution for every level of the core.

Our belts strategically apply pressure to key areas around the trunk, heightening awareness of correct core engagement and breathing patterns. This immediate and continuous feedback allows your mind and body to effectively utilize the diaphragm and surrounding muscles.

The outcome? A powerful core, enhanced breathing, and a multitude of additional benefits.

Core360 Belt Original

Primary Level - Waist

The Core360 Original Belt is our cornerstone, specifically designed to target the waist for full activation. By promoting a 360° expansion around the abdominal wall, it inherently works to amplify both breathing and intra-abdominal pressure, forming a foundation for superior core mechanics.

The result? A well-coordinated movement across the three vital levels of your core. Immerse yourself in the fundamental step of our systematic approach and lay the groundwork for total core mastery.

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Core360 IAP+

Secondary Level - Lower Abdomen

Venturing deeper into our systematic approach, the IAP+ Belt hones in on the lower abdomen. While continuing to boost breathing and intra-abdominal pressure, its specific targeting allows for enhanced core mechanics at this critical level.

As an extension to the foundational Original Belt, the IAP+ either stands alone or combines synergistically, ensuring comprehensive core activation. Dive into the secondary level and refine your core's prowess.

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Core360 Belt Breathe+

Secondary Level - Lower Rib Cage

The Breathe+ Belt is our advanced offering, meticulously designed to focus on the lower ribs. This belt not only fosters improved breathing and intra-abdominal pressure but accentuates core mechanics at this elevated level.

A culmination of our system, the Breathe+ can be wielded independently or in harmony with its counterparts, ensuring you unlock your full core potential. Embrace the pinnacle of our systematic journey and unleash unmatched core strength.

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What movement professionals say about Core360

The Core360 Belt has been a game-changer for my patients. It not only helps them understand proper breathing and core activation but also accelerates their recovery process. I can't recommend it enough!

Dr. Sarah Thompson, Physical Therapist

I've seen countless athletes struggle with core-related issues. The Core360 Belt system provides a clear, easy-to-follow approach that has produced fantastic results for my clients. A must-have tool in any athletic training program!

Michael Stevens, Sports Medicine Specialist
Core Training Benefits

Improve athletic performance

Improve support of back and neck

Improve posture and movement

Reduce pain, stress + anxiety

Increase circulation and aerobic capacity

Improve Digestion

Core Training Uses

Comprehensive core training and trunk stabilization

Exercise and strength training (CrossFit, Pilates, yoga, etc.)

Breathing retraining and sports-specific training

Aerobic activities (walking, running, hiking)

Household chores and lifting tasks

Enhanced focus during meditation

Why focus on the core?

Your core muscles serve as the foundation for all movement, acting as a mechanism that stabilizes the spine, connects the upper and lower body, and anticipates physical actions. Proper core activation requires coordination between breathing and muscle engagement, enabling optimal stabilization during various tasks and movements.

The Core360 Belt System aims to retrain and enhance this crucial relationship, guiding users to establish better muscle patterns and breathing techniques.

With consistent use, the Core360 Belt System helps users develop a solid core, leading to improved movement, performance, and overall well-being.