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The Breathe+ Belt is our advanced offering, meticulously designed to focus on the lower ribs. This belt not only fosters improved breathing and intra-abdominal pressure but accentuates core mechanics at this elevated level. A culmination of our system, the Breathe+ can be wielded independently or in harmony with its counterparts, ensuring you unlock your full core potential. 

  • Targets lower ribs for advanced core activation.
  • Amplifies breathing and intra-abdominal pressure.
  • Functions independently or with other Core360 belts.
  • Promotes 360-degree lower rib expansion.
  • For medical professionals and consumers.

Unlock the full potential of your core and enhance overall health with the Breathe+ Core360 Belt, a cutting-edge training aid designed to promote proper diaphragmatic breathing techniques. Developed by a physical therapist, the Breathe+ belt is perfect for those seeking to improve their overall health, fitness, and performance.

By strategically targeting the lower ribcage, the Breathe+ belt offers the tactile feedback necessary to encourage 360-degree expansion of the lower ribs during inhalation. This expansion helps you achieve proper diaphragmatic breathing, which is crucial for core stability, spinal protection, and overall well-being.

Used independently, the Breathe+ belt trains you to achieve proper ribcage expansion during inhalation, which is crucial for true diaphragmatic breathing. When paired with the Original Core360 Belt, the Breathe+ works even better – allowing wearers to simultaneously achieve 360-degree expansion of both abdomen and ribs. This coordination is the key to unlocking full breathing capacity and enhancing optimal core activation.

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Improve ribcage expansion and posture, and boost performance with the Breathe+ Core360 Belt, designed to enhance diaphragmatic breathing by providing real-time, consistent feedback to retrain the mind and body. For maximized results, pair with the Original Core360 Belt.
  • Real-time consistent cuing
  • Lightweight and portable - fits easily into your gym bag or backpack
  • Customizable fit 
  • Easy to use and wear
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Versatile - Breathe+ is designed for everyone to use at rest or during physical activity
  • Durable construction to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Complements the other Core360 Belts - Combine two or more for a comprehensive core training experience

The Core360 Breathe+ Belt features a black elastic body with adjustable hook and loop fastening. Pockets holding the pressure points are black or gray on the side facing your body and black with a purple stripe on the outward-facing portion. The logo and purple stripe offer additional visual cues to enhance core activation and breathing patterns.

The Core360 Breathe+ Belt comes in two stretchable sizes (S/M and L/XL) and is designed to be worn at the lower ribcage, just below the chest. The S/M size is 34” long and the L/XL is 40” with built-in extra stretch.

Measure around the area where the belt will be placed on the core - see product photography for details on belt placement.

Core360 Breathe+ Belt Size


Small / Medium  (S/M)

Up to 32”

Large / Extra Large (L/XL)

Up to 40”

Belts are hand sewn– due to this and elastic properties of the material, actual size of belt may vary up to ~.5 inches from tagged size.

Starting training with your first Core360 Belt?

New to Core360? We recommend starting with our Core360 Belt Original. It's expertly designed to help you master the fundamentals and build a strong foundation in your journey to optimal stabilization and movement. Once you're comfortable with the Original Belt and are ready to take your training to the next level, our Breathe+ and IAP+ Belts are waiting for you.


The Core360 Belt has revolutionized my practice – it's incredibly effective in teaching patients proper core activation & breathing techniques. A game-changer!

Dr. Jane S., PT

As a chiropractor, I highly recommend the Core360 Belt. It's been a fantastic tool for helping patients improve posture, alleviate pain, & prevent future injuries.

Dr. Mike T., DC

Core360 Belt is a breakthrough for sports medicine professionals. It's helped countless athletes in my practice enhance performance & minimize injury risk. A must-have!

Lisa W., AT