Harness the power of breath for better patient outcomes.

Core training for Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and movement professionals.

The Core360 system was designed by Erin McGuire, PT OCS with the needs of movement professionals and their patients in-mind.

The Core360 Belt provides instant feedback on proper core activation and breathing, unlocking better patient outcomes and satisfaction from treatment.

Optimal movement, stabilization patterns, and overall performance are inextricably tied to proper respiration and core activation.

In fact, the coordination of all core muscles, especially the diaphragm, is crucial for creating and regulating intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), a pre-requisite for healthy movement.

When trained properly, the diaphragm serves a dual function: facilitating both core stabilization and proper breathing.

The Consequences of Poor Diaphragm Function

Insufficient diaphragm function often underpins numerous musculoskeletal conditions by compromising breathing and core stabilization. This disconnect between the the upper and lower body, impairs power transmission, increasing risk of injury and hampering performance.

Embracing Proper + Effective Core Activation

Effective core activation forms a robust foundation for balanced muscle activity, efficient motion, and reduced strain on joints. Conversely, improper core muscle coordination reverberates through the body, creating imbalance, weakness, stress, and potential injury. For optimal results, respiration and core activation training should be part of all programs.

The Challenge of Changing Automatic Functions

Breathing and core activation, being subconscious, often fall into faulty patterns due to poor posture or unsound advice. Breaking these habits can be challenging. The Core360 Belt offers tactile cueing, helping clients to feel and learn optimal activation, thereby enhancing training results and performance.

The Core360 Belt is an invaluable addition to any rehab, fitness, or performance program. It acts as a catalyst for improved, efficient core activation and respiration, addressing deep-seated patterns and offering an optimized training experience.

By introducing the Core360 Belt into your practice, you can guide your clients towards achieving their full physical potential.

If you help people move, you need the Core360 Belt.

Physical Therapists

For physical therapists, the Core360 Belt accelerates the recovery and rehabilitation process, encouraging proper muscle coordination and core activation. Incorporate the belt into therapy sessions to teach patients optimal movement patterns, reduce pain, and prevent future injuries.


Chiropractors can use the Core360 Belt to improve spinal alignment and posture by addressing the root cause of many musculoskeletal issues – impaired breathing and trunk stabilization. Integrate the Core360 Belt into your treatment to re-educate biomechanics and enhance spinal health.

Sports Performance Professionals

Sports medicine professionals can employ the Core360 Belt to help athletes unlock their full potential by improving core stabilization and breathing. Incorporate the Core360 Belt into training and rehabilitation programs to enhance athletic performance, prevent injuries, and support recovery.

Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers can use the Core360 Belt to optimize the benefits of strength training and conditioning exercises. Utilize the Core360 Belt to educate athletes on proper core activation, breathing, and body mechanics, resulting in improved performance and reduced risk of injury.

Numerous benefits - for you and your patient.

Efficient Client Progression
  • Accelerates clients' development of proper respiratory and core stabilization patterns.

  • Enables you to focus on other aspects of care or fitness, as the belt initiates improvement in breathing and stabilization.

  • Supports faster and more advanced progression for clients.

  • Facilitates easy integration of new motor patterns into the entire movement system.

  • Maintains proper respiration and core stabilization as clients take on more challenging movements and loads.

  • Provides visual cues via purple stripes on pressure points to monitor 360° breathing and core activation during functional movements.
Enhanced Movement Quality and Training
  • Acts as an extra pair of hands during sessions, offering tactile input when necessary.

  • Boosts the quality of muscle coordination and movement patterns in upper and lower extremities.

  • Offers consistent tactile cueing and feedback during dynamic, functional movements and training, helping clients maintain effective respiration and stabilization.

  • Provides access to basic training videos, aiding in the initial stages of training with the Core360 Belt.

  • Supports clients in maintaining their improved respiration and stabilization outside of training sessions.

Incorporate core training throughout patient care.

Client Engagement & Buy-In

Highlights the role of proper breathing and core activation by creating an immediate positive feedback loop.

Treatment Plans

Seamlessly integrate the Core360 Belt into individualized treatment plans, rehabilitation programs, and strength training sessions, allowing you to target specific areas of weakness for faster, better results.


Encourage patients and athletes to use a Core360 Belt at home as part of their self-care routine, providing consistent reinforcement and accelerating their progress toward optimal function and performance.

Multi-Modality Friendly

Combine the use of Core360 Belts with other therapeutic modalities and interventions to create a comprehensive, holistic approach to patient care, promoting long-term health outcomes and overall well-being.


Educate patients and athletes on the importance of proper core activation and breathing techniques to empower them to take control of their health and recovery process.

By incorporating the Core360 Belt into your practice, you'll provide your patients and athletes with the tools and guidance they need to achieve optimal health, performance, and recovery.

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