Boost athletic performance.
Enhance everyday life.

Explore the benefits of breath and core training for Athletes + Individuals.

Whether you're a dedicated athlete or simply looking to improve your daily life, the Core360 Belt offers significant benefits that can help you reach your goals.

By properly training your core muscles, you'll unlock a wealth of advantages that impact both athletic performance and function in everyday life.

Avoid injuries, beat pain, and break-through performance barriers.

Unlearn bad habits and unlock the power of breath.

The Core360 Belt is here to change how you think about core strength and breathing. Our main breathing muscle, the diaphragm, also helps stabilize the core.

So, to truly boost your core, you need to breathe right too.

Lots of people have issues with their breathing patterns, which can mess with your health and body movement. It can lead to bad posture, muscle aches, weakness, and not performing your best.

The Core360 Belt helps fix these problems. It guides you to contract your core muscles correctly and breathe better. It doesn't just make your core stronger, but stronger in the right way for better performance and health.

Better breathing benefits everyone.

Elevate Your Athletic Performance

Proper core activation is essential for optimal athletic performance. A strong core doesn't just mean power – it's about how well that strength is integrated into every move you make.

This seamless integration leads to efficient, effortless power, helping you dodge injuries, beat pain, and break your performance limits. With the Core360 Belt, you're not just building core strength, but shaping it in a way that enhances your overall movement and athletic prowess.

Upgrade Your Everyday Life

A strong, trained core is key to more than just sports – it's the secret to moving better in life. Every move you make involves your core, which means its strength and functioning can directly impact how you feel.

The Core360 Belt works to improve your breathing and core, potentially alleviating common discomfort in the back and neck. By focusing on the link between proper breathing and core strength, you can unlock a range of benefits, from better movement and less pain to improved digestion, heart rate, and stress levels.

Prevent injuries with core training.

An improperly trained core can lead to a higher risk of injury due to inefficient movement patterns and lack of spinal support.

The Core360 Belt helps to minimize this risk by teaching correct core activation and ensuring consistent, quality training. By focusing on proper breathing and muscle coordination, you'll build a strong and stable core that supports your spine, reduces strain, and protects you from injuries during both athletic and daily activities.

Experience the difference a strong and well-trained core can make in your athletic performance and everyday life.

Augment Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Programs
Complement your existing health routines by refining core activation and respiration patterns.

Boost Posture and Functional Strength
Improved core activation aids in maintaining upright posture and enhances functional muscle strength.

Improve Back and Neck Support
Core360 belt aids in providing superior stabilization to the back and neck regions, reducing discomfort.

Prevent Joint and Tissue Strain
The Core360 Belt helps to harmonize muscle coordination throughout your body, alleviating undue stress on joints and tissues.

Promote Circulatory Health and Aerobic Capacity
Better breathing practices can lead to improved circulation and enhanced aerobic fitness.

Support Digestive Health
Proper breathing can aid in digestive processes, promoting better gut health.

Manage Stress and Anxiety
Correct breathing techniques facilitated by Core360 Belt can contribute to stress and anxiety reduction.

Elevate Athletic Performance
The Core360 Belt helps athletes maintain proper core activation during high-intensity functional movements and endurance training. It facilitates training with heavier loads while maintaining good core stabilization.

Reduce Risk of Injury
By encouraging optimal movement patterns and proper core activation, Core360 Belt can reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Increase Power and Explosiveness
Core360 Belt creates a functional connection in the body, integrating movement with better force generation and transmission, leading to improved performance in a variety of sports.

Whether you're an athlete looking to optimize your performance or an individual aiming to enhance your overall wellness, the Core360 Belt offers a myriad of benefits. Get yours today and breath better tomorrow.