Pro Bundle: Core360 Belt Original, Breathe+, and IAP+

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The Core360 Professional Bundle is a comprehensive package designed for the discerning professional dedicated to enhancing their clients' core performance, diaphragmatic breathing, and overall well-being. The bundle combines our three industry-leading core activation belts: The Core360 Belt Original, Breathe+, and IAP+.

  • Core360 Belt Original: This groundbreaking belt optimizes core activation and boosts overall human movement and performance. It targets specific areas of the core for an effective and comprehensive training solution. By combining science-backed principles with an innovative design, the Core360 Original is ideal for physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, and other movement professionals aiming to help their clients reach new heights in performance.

  • Core360 Belt Breathe+: The Breathe+ belt is expertly crafted to promote proper diaphragmatic breathing techniques. By targeting the lower ribcage, the Breathe+ offers the tactile feedback necessary for 360-degree ribcage expansion during inhalation, enhancing core stability, spinal protection, and overall well-being. Pair it with the Core360 Original for maximum benefits, unlocking full breathing capacity and optimal core activation.

  • Core360 Belt IAP+: A revolutionary addition, the IAP+ Belt targets the low abdomen, an often neglected area in core training. Its distinguishing feature is the larger pressure points and over-strap, designed to increase pressure on the low abdomen, enabling users to create appropriate tension in their core muscles and enhance lower intra-abdominal pressure (IAP). Combine it with the Core360 Original for a comprehensive training solution that promotes proper coordination and expansion of core muscles during breathing.

Take your practice to the next level with the Professional Bundle, offering a complete and holistic approach to core training and breathing, ensuring your clients achieve their movement, fitness, and performance goals.

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The Core360 Belt has revolutionized my practice – it's incredibly effective in teaching patients proper core activation & breathing techniques. A game-changer!

Dr. Jane S., PT

As a chiropractor, I highly recommend the Core360 Belt. It's been a fantastic tool for helping patients improve posture, alleviate pain, & prevent future injuries.

Dr. Mike T., DC

Core360 Belt is a breakthrough for sports medicine professionals. It's helped countless athletes in my practice enhance performance & minimize injury risk. A must-have!

Lisa W., AT